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Created 2017-11-14
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Title Nitrogen Gas Generator is cutting high quality

The main advantage of Nitrogen Gas Generator machine cutting is cutting high quality, processing a wide range, but there are also the disadvantages of high cost. The following can be compared with the oxygen cut to elaborate on the above characteristics:

Nitrogen generator from the air compressor system, air purification system, oxygen and nitrogen separation system, carbon-based purification devices and booster equipment. System exports nitrogen flow 5Nm3 / h ~ 500Nm3 / h, nitrogen purity of 99.9995%, nitrogen pressure can be increased to 1.4-2.8Mpa by booster.

Oxygen assisted combustion increases heat and improves cut thickness. The advantage is low cost, mainly used in carbon steel. Nitrogen does not support combustion, the melting zone temperature is low, suitable for processing low melting point materials such as aluminum, brass. Nitrogen protection kerf is not oxidized, can also be used for stainless steel without oxidation cutting.

The price of high-purity nitrogen is three times that of high-purity oxygen. For example, cutting 2CM thick stainless steel plate requires oxygen pressure of 4 * 105Pa, air consumption of 2.3m3 / h, and nitrogen gas corresponding to 14 * 105Pa, 15.2m3 / h. And nitrogen cutting requires high power, a corresponding increase in energy consumption. The overall cost of nitrogen cutting oxygen cutting is more than 15 times.

According to the auxiliary gas used, laser cutting can be divided into two kinds of cutting methods: oxygen and nitrogen. In addition, oxidation reaction, increased heat affected zone, the cutting quality is relatively poor, prone to kerfs wide, cross-section twill, poor surface roughness and slag quality defects. The material in nitrogen cutting relies entirely on the laser energy to melt, nitrogen blows out the kerfs and avoids inappropriate chemical reactions. Relatively low melting point temperature, coupled with nitrogen cooling, protection, the reaction is smooth, uniform, cutting high quality. Section smooth and delicate, low surface roughness, and no oxide layer.

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