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Created 2015-12-24
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Title We can see there is big possibility to reselect
Description Vicepresident of Fifa Supports to Reselect Host Country of World Cup 2022 Qatar bribery scandal was increasingly worsening. If the investigation is true, then whether the right to host of the 2022 World Cup will be recovered and rebid for the vote? It is entirely possible because according to the British BBC news, FIFA Vicepresident Jim Boyce said if Qatar World Cup bid bribery does exist, then he would support reselect the host country Fifa 16 PS4 Coins.BBC exposed today that Sunday Times claimed to have mastered the Qatar World Cup bidding striking shady that the former AFC President Hammam paid $ 6,000,000 for to pull the ballot . It is reported that Sunday Times has mastered thousands of secret documents including emails, letters and bank transfer records. The evidence showed that the Qatar World Cup bidding bribery reached a total gross of $ 6,000,000.In an interview, Boyce also said he had no opinions if they wanted to reselected. Later, Boyce explained if the report proved the vote unfair, they will take this matter seriously. From the Vivepresident’s attitude, we can see there is big possibility to reselect.If you want to know more Fifa news and are interested in buying cheapFifa coins, you can visit here. Pele Said No One can Rival Cristiano Ronaldo in Today’s Football Brazil Faces Two Biggest Challengers Spain and Germany in World Cup Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins.
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