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Created 2015-12-23
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Title We make announcement about the new law is expected early next year
Description Qatar has vowed to change kafala Labour laws fifa16 Football news: Qatar, the 2022 fifafootball World Cup, pledged on Sunday to launch a new legislation, to early 2016, to replace the controversial "kafala" sponsor system, improve the conditions of the migrant workers. The current law, this movement restrictions on foreign workers rights, will give way to the legislation is "currently under review," said the labor and social affairs Buy Fifa 16 PS4 Coins. " We make announcement about the new law is expected early next year," it said in a statement.Qatar's deal with its massive foreign labor has been the focus of international attention, because it gradually improve the construction of the 2022 world football exhibition facilities. Human rights groups and the professional footballers' association, which represents global alliance of football player, urged Qatar to cancel kafala system, make the employer, in order to prevent foreign workers to leave the country or transferred to civilian work, and has been compared to modern slavery.In the oilrich emirate may said it would and replace the sponsor system on the basis of employment contracts. Export license according to the new legislation, foreign workers need to leave the country consists of a threeday grace period after replaced automatically granted them permission system Cheap Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins.
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