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Created 2015-12-22
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Title Bulls reeling, looking for answers with no clear leader
Description Brook Lopez scores 21 points and grabs 12 rebounds to lead the visiting Nets past the Bulls, 105-102. CHICAGO — The minute someone stands up in a group and says "I'm the leader here," they lose at least half the room. Maybe more.Once you want to buy NBA 2K16 MT Coins kaufen, please use our site NBA 2K16 MT Coins. That's a fairly incontrovertible law of the locker room, demonstrated across sports and decades. And the higher one climbs in level of play (high school to college to pros), the more it seems to apply. What someone might be able to pull off at Hickory High -- that Big Man on Campus, chest-beating thing -- is likely to be met, say, in the NBA with side eyes and some "yeah, right" smirks among adults who often don't feel they need to be led. That's why Jimmy Butler's stab at leadership over the weekend on a Chicago Bulls roster sorely in need of it fell so flat. Besides calling out new head coach Fred Hoiberg for not coaching "harder" after their loss at New York Saturday, Butler continued to self-nominate as the Bulls' alpha dog, a campaign that began during his breakout 2014-15 and has continued this season. To Butler, it apparently is the next logical step in his onward and upward progression as an NBA star, from undervalued No. 30 pick in 2011 to starter and key contributor, all the way to All-Star and recipient over the summer of a max-salary contract (five years, $92.3 million). Checking off boxes as he developed, Butler has been so open about his desire and his responsibility to become the -- or at least, a -- Bulls leader that he frequently has broken the fourth wall, talking about the leadership he's trying to show in nearly the same moment he's saying or doing something to show it. But after Chicago's blasé loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Monday -- a team that played and traveled Sunday, a bunch that had won just once on the road to that point -- it was starting to look like maybe the Bulls' problem isn't a lack of leaders.
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