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Created 2015-12-22
Owner Derek156324
Title including 136 times Premier League
Description including 136 times Premier League, Chelsea 53 wins and 32 negative 51 level, scoring 208 goals to lose 202 balls. Sits at home in 68 league FIFA 16 games, fifa 16 coins Chelsea 36 wins and 19 losses 13 level, scoring 117 goals to lose 81 balls. Two Ultimate teams in the last 7 encounters, Chelsea win six times, the only time lost is the 2013-2014 season, 30 (Aston 1-0 win). Last season, Chelsea home and away double play Vera (3-0, 2-1). Now, when the Blues do not rebound after consecutive losses and Southampton, Chelsea suffered a second straight season and second times 3 victorious, fell to 16th in the league, although perhaps 10 points behind (behind the top ) is not an insurmountable curse, but the Blues really should rebound, say what is otherwise empty. The campaign, the opponent is the defending champion only take 1 before eight wins, four straight league recently added seven victorious Vera,
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