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Created 2015-12-20
Owner Sheldon Thomas
Title T17 suit effects ratings: single table stakes lifting effect
Description T17 suit effects Rating: enhance the effect of monomer stakes table Abstract: Today the hang of how to use computing suite SIMC simulate the effects of DPS, FS had wanted to simulation, but will have to see their friends in each occupation talent, simply a little busy afternoon the whole career of each analog output talent are under. Simulation is the first calculation of the following effects have four suits DPS (that is, table 2 + 4), and then calculate only two sets of effects DPS, the last calculation does not suit effects DPS (three times the same analog equipment is wearing 4T17, just shield Set out effects.) just ahead of the first put out for everyone to see about, the values I have one to one decimal rounded up, buy runescape gold BLZ BUFF and NERF all the time of the occupation. Everyone will look about, I hope you or your team have to help (Some people may say that the pioneers are just hanging equipment, which is Blackstone analog equipment, but it should be little difference between the percentage for the DPS increase, how many still have reference .'s) name in the list a little explanation: 2T17 2T17 effects that alone can increase the percentage of: 4T17 is from the 2T17 4T17 can upgrade to a percentage increase of (this easy and below that confused): 2 + 4T17 is 2 and 4 sets special effects to enhance the total percentage. Incidentally, once again explain the method of calculation of the figures in the table, look at this point carefully, read Replies do not want to calculate what the real requirements do not affect each other alone four sets of lifting and 2 with four sets of classes are not allowed to influence each other any more. I'll forget the BIS DPS (DPS this is your M graduate T17 suits and other cases of BIS-one 4 or 5) This is the last of each DPS DPS is 2 + 4T17 base is A. Then on top of that equipment or exactly not change one, except SIMC command shielded four separate sets of results, as long as the two sets of effects and then get out 2T17 simulation of DPS DPS is the base B. Finally this equipment in four sets at the same time shield again two sets but also to shield, equal to 4 or 5T17 wearing a suit but no effects then simulate DPS, was out of DPS without T17 base is C. A C followed by dividing the percentage was out a, and then get out of the percentage of B divided by C b, then a-1 was out 2 + 4 sets of DPS increase percentage, b-1 was out alone two sets DPS increase percentage, again ab was out alone four sets of DPS increase percentage. The percentage enhance what impact a lot of people entangled between 2 and 4 each, or 4 no classes independent of the naked dead end computing problems. Whenever you wear on the body 2 and 4 would certainly affect each other, purely calculated to put aside two sets of four sets of real naked promotion of little significance, but also easy to muddy.
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