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Created 2015-12-14
Owner when456
Title One of the Challenge Mode sets being made account-wide
Description It's been a busy few days over on Twitter, with the @WarcraftDevs feed answering numerous questions about upcoming changes in Legion. Our first tweet is looking at the time of introduction of many of the improvements coming with Legion. It seems like the UI and system changes will be implemented during the pre-patch.G4PAH is one of the best wow gold sellers, the safest wow gold website for you to buy cheap wow gold online with instant delivery. It looks like there is going to be some re-working of tanks coming with Legion as well. For a great deal of time, there was a huge focus on Death Knights being the tanking class for solo gameplay. Blizzard has confirmed they are going to try and make all tanks capable of completing solo raids. Rogues, worry not! Those of you that have seen the Outlaw animations posted on our animations post might have noticed the Pistol Shot visual is rather lacking. It pulls out a pretty standard gun without much "zing" to it. Blizzard have confirmed
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