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Created 2015-12-14
Owner when456
Title Dalaran will still remain in Northrend, despite also being present in the Legion zones
Description The birds have been busy tweeting away, with a number of tweets popping up concerning a few changes in the Legion Alpha and on live servers. Make sure you keep on top of the information with our latest post. Tcgvip provides WOW Gear offers online. You can Cheap Buy WOW Items being supported online by a professional team 24/7. Our first tweet is going to be looking at the age-old problem of leveling for tanks and healers. Since our artifacts are going to be "leveling" with us, these two roles need some help in regards to leveling as their desired specialisations. The developers had this to say on the topic: Around the world of Azeroth, there are plenty of adventurers that are counting their Valor and trying to work through the complex mathematical equations that come with the currency. If we have 9 months until Legion... Carry the 4... Divide by 20... The answer is too much Valor. It looks like Blizzard might, however, implement a way for us to get rid of our excess, while solving the problem for dual-specialisation players with two legendaries.
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