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Created 2015-12-14
Owner sdgrtryre4566
Title Exposure Ronaldinho decided to return to Brazil to join the bottom of the league Ultimate team avatar savior?
Description 2015 Pakistan A league has been eight, in all the 20 Ultimate teams, Vasco da Gama came in last. The first eight league, Vasco da Gama 3 level 5 negative only get three points, the Ultimate team is Pakistan A this season, not only won the ball Ultimate team. If Ronaldinho can led Vasco da Gama to avoid relegation, it is clearly going to be the Ultimate team's savior. It is reported that Ronaldinho will sign with Vasco da Gama six months, as well as one-year contract priority. From the point of view of this contract, Ronaldinho clearly reap the fut coins initiative. If Vasco da Gama relegation success, Ronaldinho next season will be the effectiveness of the Ultimate team. If Vasco da Gama downgrade, Ronaldinho will be free to join other Ultimate teams themselves. Ronaldinho's career, he played for Vasco da Gama will be the fourth Brazilian Ultimate team support. Ronaldinho Gremio fame in 2011 after leaving, R10 choose to return the effectiveness of flamenco. In 2012-2014, the effectiveness of Atletico Mineiro, Ronaldinho. Now, R10 also intends to join the Vasco da Gama.
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