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Title Germany FIFA football World Cup, former chairman of admit bribery: have a special slush fund
Description YORK, October 25 reported: Last week, the German 'Der Spiegel' Bao Liu said, Germany in a bid to host the 2006 World Cup behavior when buying tickets, they paid 10 million Swiss francs (about 6.7 million euros) in bribes from four Asia on behalf of the hands to buy votes. Chairman Niels Bach and 2006 World Cup organizing committee president Franz Beckenbauer has denied the reports, but this week, former President of the German FIFA football Association Zwanziger has publicly admitted that the German FIFA football Association does have special funds. Former President of the German FIFA football Association Cup admit Zwanziger money to buy votes in 1992 began to work for the German FIFA football Association, in 2004 he and Sherlock Feld together as double-Chairman of the German FIFA football Association in the case of the German FIFA football slump, 2006 World Cup after becoming the only President, announced the initiative after his term expires in 2012 no longer re-election. Zwanziger on Friday to 'Der Spiegel,' said, 'there is a special slush fund when Germany host the World Cup. I just took the time is not very clear on the details, but I learned that the rumors of bribery in 2012, and found a correlation information, which is why I have asked in 2012 and 2013 to make a thorough investigation on this. 'Germany is in 2000 successfully obtained the right to host the 2006 World Cup, but was not appointed Zwanziger. Zwanziger also said that the vice-chairman of the organizing committee was Schmidt to 6.7 million euros paid to Dreyfus, CEO of Adidas, the money eventually handed over to the former FIFA executive committee Harman , the current President of the German FIFA football Association Niels Bach then served as CFO World Cup organizing committee, it is that he personally signed for Dreyfus payment slip. In this regard Schmidt said, 'Zwanziger said the private telephone if disclosed to the public will not be tolerated. I do fut coins not know if Harman is not the recipient of the money.' Zwanziger's remarks Once released, it immediately caused an uproar German FIFA football. German FIFA football Association was very dissatisfied with the FIFA football Association Secretary-General Helmert - Sang Luoke public responded by saying, 'We have seen Zwanziger reign of terror in the German FIFA football Association, but fortunately three and a half before he left for me. for all employees of the German FIFA football Association, Zwanziger are far inferior to the current Chairman Niels Bach, Niels Bach we strongly support. 'The German Professional FIFA football League main Xilaobaer also said,' We will not therefore Niels Bach requirements resign, we will be with him. 'Germany coach Joachim Loew said,' I believe 100 percent Niels Bach Chairman. 'Bierhoff said the German Ultimate team leader,' Strange yes, since Zwanziger know the problem, why did he not in his tenure to resolve, but to wait until now to say? 'There is also the German media that the relationship Zwanziger and the German FIFA football Association after leaving it increasingly tense, 2014 German FIFA football Association and even publicly urged Zwanziger FIFA executive committee resigned office because he 'repeated, publicly attacked his successor, Niels Bach Chairman, can no longer represent the interests of German FIFA football.' At present, Germany Bundestag Sports Commission is ready to make Zwanziger to Parliament to make the bribery controversy further details, and Zwanziger said that he even willing to go to court to testify under oath.
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