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Created 2015-12-13
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Title this missing gear issue leading to the death
Description  building on the basics established by Civilization. It helps that Warlock 2 is based around a fantasy setting, and so they can go unreal, and they don't shy away from it at all.You can buy three different versions of the Runescape game, all digital and offering Instant Access. The Standard version retails for $ 29.99. Both The Lord and Great Mage Edition will come with the Runescape game customizer known as the Editor Tool, a digital art book, the soundtrack to both Runescape games, and a digital copy of the novel Warlock 2: The Great Mage Game. The Great Mage Edition also comes with these 7 Content packs:Domain of DeathMagic is FunElementary, My DearChants of LightFrost PowerHalf-of-EveryoneAncient Runescape Gold DragonYou can check out the Warlock 2: The Exiled trailer below and preorder it here.Diablo 3: Blizzard Rolling Back Accounts Over Hardcore Character Deaths. A recent bug in Diablo 3 caused Runescape players to spawn without equipment in their inventory. Although the bug was temporary, and all the missing items were eventually made available by relogging, some Hardcore characters lost their lives in the process, as their Runescape players weren't fully cognizant of the bug before heading out into the fray.To that end, Blizzard is investigating the possibility of providing a one-time exception to allow a rollback of affected accounts, with Subsequent restoration of the fallen heroes, for Runescape players who request it. Please know that the decision to allow such an exception is not an easy one to make, and that this is not a guarantee that we will offer the rollback to all accounts that petition us with this request. Only accounts which we can verify were affected by this missing gear issue leading to the death of a Hardcore character will be considered for these rollbacks. With that said, we do want you to know that we are continuing to address this issue, and ask for all Runescape players to be aware that the issue is currently ongoing. If you're affected by the issue, simply create a ticket through the support portal with the words MISSING GEAR DEATH in the body of the ticket.First Gameplay Footage of Sacred 3 Shows Fast-Paced Action. Deep Silver has revealed the first footage of its action RPG, Sacred 3, today.The trailer introduces a selection of unique character classes that will be available to Runescape players, giving fans a glimpse of the fast-paced co-op action against enemies. These classes include the Seraphim, Ancarian, Khukuhru, Safiri, and an all new Malakhim. Character classes previously seen in Sacred Citadel will be making a reappearance in Sacred 3. Each character class comes with its own unique skills and weapons that can be upgraded to match the Runescape player's own combat style.At launch, Sacred 3 will include the Malakhim class as well as the Underworld Story DLC.
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