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Created 2015-12-13
Owner mili
Title The story behind the warcraft 7.0 artifact: sargeras scepter
Description The rod by sargeras several hundred minions exhausted himself, can tear at space, open plane channel. It buried in the bottom of the sea for several centuries, was later the orc shaman resistance to the progenitor found and used to open the door of the plane, to draenor apart, with only a broken outland. Have the a in the end, the elite mages got this wand, but it will not destroy it, so we have to put it in a chamber by magical protection, monitor, prevent anyone use again.Tcgvip provides WOW Gear offers online. You can Cheap Buy WOW Items being supported online by a professional team 24/7. The essence of this beautiful weapon is destroyed. Sargeras scepter torn draenor, contributed to today's outland. This weapon will eventually pass into the hands of the warlock - both alliance and horde - or let a person fear a bit. In the novel the dark portal, the artifact is broken islands originally held by a demon. But it was killed by the progenitor of resistance, in the end this artifact through the dark portal, possession by resistance to the ancestors. In the end, the resistance to the face and the book of medivh, dalaran it it eye mixed together, cause the explosion of draenor. It is interesting after that. They have of a wand of sargeras ended up in the the hand. But now they have to take a don't yet know the it spent a long time - but most likely in the burning crusade period after enter the outland. For such a weapon to destroy the planet, I'm afraid to deal with the last of the burning legion the assassin's mace - at least not to let it go back into the hands of the burning legion again.
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