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Created 2015-12-10
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Title I wear socks AC Milan Inter Milan training
Description Balotelli representation. But Balotelli or the authenticity of some of the famous scandal gives his own answer. 'I use fireworks fifa coin burnt apartment? False. I fight with Manchester United fans? False. I thrown darts to Manchester City's young FIFA players? This has had. I wear socks AC Milan Inter Milan training ground? False. I intend to build a home, his statue? This is the real thing. 'Balotelli said. But many of his denial is not so convincing, such as Materazzi has declared himself angrily Balotelli AC Milan socks cut to pieces, this is not a figment of the media. Also Balotelli said: 'I had crashed a few cars are not, I was hit just had two back to my club fined a total of how much money is not much, only real penalty is when?.? After we won the Premier League title I did not celebrate with the FIFA 16 ultimate team together but returned to Italy. 'When it comes to the relationship between Manchester City, Balotelli and Mancini is naturally a topic of interest. 'I rarely call now Mancini. Quarrel between us? I foul Mancini was angry, that's it, nothing special. Then we have and better.' Milan striker said, 'Who is my experienced coach? I was lucky, all coaches are great. Mancini and Mourinho? I chose from a human aspect Mancini, Mourinho still better in football. I Muri Mourinho also had a lot of arguing, but I also remember those of our sweet time, we laugh together, enjoy the joy. Anyway, I remember many times we Mourinho with great intensity and very on the pitch high rhythm of their lives working, as he asked us to it, 'but Inter seem to occupy much space and not in the hearts of fut 16 coins the ballot:.' I am now almost no contact with Inter Milan man, sometimes Materazzi and Sneijder will be on the phone with me.
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