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Created 2015-12-08
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Title C Luo signature on the ball
Description Cristiano Ronaldo played FIFA 16 for fans Because Real Madrid out of the King's Cup, Ronaldo in noFIFA 16event had more leisure time.On January 22nd, Cristiano Ronaldo in the downtown Madrid Olympic square, but believe that 99.9% of people don't recognize this is Cristiano Ronaldo.The Portuguese star dress up is very special, brown wig, beard and wearing sunglasses, square patrol also watched the unusual person Fifa 16 coins buy.The daily mirror, says Cristiano Ronaldo this is dressed as a beggar, but in addition to modelling as a beggar, Cristiano Ronaldo IN Nike equipment, clean clothes, not like a beggar.Busy Olympic square person, Cristiano Ronaldo show skill in front of a small fan.Feet bounce the ball, bounce the ball head, playing football, fancy small fans see with relish, Cristiano Ronaldo enjoy it.This small fans, of course, did not find in front of him is the FIFA 16 golden ball winner Cristiano Ronaldo.After playing for FIFA 16a while, C Luo signature on the ball, then "show his true colors." He pulled off the fake beard, and then remove the wig, the beggar suddenly turned C Lo! Small fans surprised, C Luo gave him a warm hug, and gave a small ball fans. Find people on the square appeared Luo C, have come up with a mobile phone camera, and surrounded by C Roseau autographs.The daily mirror regrets, Cristiano Ronaldo please their fans really spell, he is willing to do everything for the fans Fifa 16 coins buy. With 6% off FOREVER at! Coupon:cheapcoins
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