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Created 2015-12-07
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Title Wales beat England ranked only
Description According to statistics, since 1993 after the introduction of the FIFA rankings, the first time this happens. Wales beat England ranked only, in fact, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and other teams are also ranked behind them. In September 2011, ranked 117 in Wales, but also in just four years, their record get a huge boost, rank natural increase Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins.Although Wales in the European preliminaries good prospects, FIFA rankings ranked in the top 10, but Wales coach Coleman was modest, "he said ranking improved gave us great confidence, because our ranking was very low, which makes us very embarrassed, but now, we are doing very well, for this position, saying that people can be different, but the players deserve this honor. "" Of course, there is no guarantee that we enter the ranks of the European Cup in France. We need to make unusual achievements, successfully broke into the European Cup. " FIFA holds symposium in Berne Judge releases Argentine businessmen held in FIFA scandal Fifa 16 PS4 Coins. 6% off from! Come to get it now! Coupon Code:GG
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