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Title Time table classification process color enamel ete

interpretation of the enamel table, the first priority is to understand what is the enamel table

is a simple language,, or a watch dial is in the cover and back, watch inlaid with enamel craft. Enamel is the main raw material, slightly on the material science knowledge of people all know, attached to these basic ingredients of enamel on metal and porcelain objects are mainly quartz, feldspar, borax and oxide, and daily glass belonging to the similar material. Enamel table of raw materials is not rare, but after a skilled craftsman and one elegant Mingyan enamel table has become a rare art Jiapin.

enamel craft is mainly divided into five categories

1, plain enamel

< p >, just as its name implies, is the whole enamel is a color, such enamel table making up is not imagination of so simple, pure natural pure word, so defects and variegated are plain enamel rival.

There are three kinds of

plain enamel, black,, white and transparent color. Among these, black and white is the color of a higher degree of difficulty, to the pursuit of such extreme color, it must to layers of numerous repeated glazed firing repeatedly, so that the color out to achieve high standards of purity. The transparent color in the enamel firing after the success can also be carved on the plain,Tag Heuer Watch, let the enamel does not seem dull.

semipermeable membraneMethods:


you have to judge its quality standard is holding a detailed view of the eyepiece, has no bubble flaws or trachoma...... In short everything should not appear should not be. The eye color is the color saturation.

< p > as for transparent colored enamel, except should to the procuratorial black and white enamel so carefully check the defect, should also attention under the enamel metal bottom fetal carved, is exquisite, make plain enamel is not a significant insipid and tasteless. The transparency can be colored gemstones and the perception of transparency as the basis, it is a good natural translucent.

< p > in need of special note is that some plain enamel burn out the mother of pearl or opal sheen, then the evaluation criteria for this kind of enamel in the closer to the kind of natural colour and lustre is better.

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