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Created 2015-08-25
Owner Miffy Miffy
Title 'Need for Speed' sequel to debut this fall
Description EA officially confirmed 'Need for Speed' sequel to debut this fall 'Need for Speed' is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious racing Runescape in the history of the series of Runescape 3, but its owner, EA officially confirmed that they are developing the new series is expected to debut this fall, is being done by EA's Ghost room development, buy rs3 gold it was revealed, the Runescape looks 'fantastic.' 'Need for Speed' is already a veteran of the racing Runescape series, and launched a number of works, both good and bad, and now EA in order to develop new value of the series, set up a special studio Ghost, they had been part of the 2013 ' Need for Speed: enemies, 'was the evaluation and sales are very general. Now in order to make a line with everyone anticipated sequel, EA gave them a very long time to prepare, so the Runescape was postponed to debut this fall. On a quarterly earnings report, EA had this item understatement Incidentally, said the project is progressing well, and will be unveiled later this year. Whether it can brighten? We can now wait and look forward to this autumn.
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