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Created 2015-08-25
Owner Miffy Miffy
Title we have an adjustment Rune recovery
Description Setting Rune Essence Today we have an adjustment Rune recovery of gasoline, as the player is under rule 7 and Article 12, using macros to operate rune essence and then sell them. As you probably know, we have different systems in order to identify people to break rule 7 and to ban them. These systems are very efficient in detecting people to break this rule and macros provide a very bad way to try to make a high level character. The problem we solve now is not a problem with our macro detection systems, which are still well-functioning, but rather a problem with the ban ineffective penalties against the perpetrators who use very low level of accounts that do not intend have to play the game properly. In recent weeks, we have literally hundreds of accounts daily deploy macros banned the rune essence mine. However, the bans were ineffective, rs gold attackers could simply create lowest level accounts that they do not matter to me is more. We also follow the company, so we ban illegally obtained the recipiant evidence, but the attackers in this case were sharing the runes gp, then sell gp for real world money on auction sites. Of course, the person who gp buy for real money world is forbidden, because we follow the money they received in a trade imbalance at a macro account, but the seller does not care about their customers to soon because they have their real money in the world hitherto banned. The basic problem is that the Rune gasoline was one of the few areas of the game, which could be used to generate a reasonable amount of money for RuneScape free low disposable 'account. Normally, to earn large sums of money quickly, you first need to get an account level, and then of course keep you busy when normally prohibited our deterrence is effective. rune essence So we divided by 2 classes have. Normal petrol can be used to make the six basic runes, while the pure essence can be used to make runes. They can both types of petrol in the same place as before. The type of fuel you get is determined automatically when you break down the rock. You always get pure essence, if your mining is over 30 and you are are in the world of one of the members, or you will get regular gasoline. as event when we will introduce this, existing gasoline in your bank and stock have automatically converted into the pure essence, if you are a member or other members will only lots in your bank, assuming you have the level 30 or Mining Runecrafting. Because free players the six basic runes to design anyway, regular gasoline is just as well for its intended use to make free players are low Rune craft. However, it is not very useful for sale to members that the law and nature runes (which we believe you buy the vast majority of in Runescape Rune gasoline) would like to make, should lower its prices significantly, and a proposal much less attractive for traders from the real world. The only ones who should be concerned essentially by mining players are selling large quantities of gas on free accounts purely to members. There is a better way to raise money for high-level free accounts do anyway, this change should not affect the players are really trying to make large amounts of money at a low free account - which is of course the exact idea. We want to once again remind our players not hurt to Rule 12 and tried to buy RuneScape gold for real money world. Almost all the gold were offered for sale in this manner generated by Fraud on 'disposable' accounts. If you buy not only encourage cheat more, but you have a very real danger is even banned the money you get is dirty money and follow are executed. Again we banned countless players for breaking rule 12 and feeds this problem, and we will continue to do so. We hope that most of the players will agree that we do not spoil the rules of this game, and we are determined not to let them. And the prohibition, if any, we will also minimal changes to the game to break the unsustainable rule.
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