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Title nike free run kopen was said to be copper
Description [Famous charisma] Thanks
legal forum invitation in order to better communicate with you friends, I would like to own some of the relevant text Tieshanglai, please correct me. (Author: Goalkeeper old crane) In any case, the history of mankind is a legal process from the hidden to the public. But until today, we are still experiencing very serious problems, we sometimes still do not know what is legal in the end, to take the blame, it seems to say you guilty of sin. A society ruled by law not only to publish it, the law must be clear and unambiguous, people can not manipulate, in the hands toying law. Laws and rules are unspoken norms of human behavior, an open, a covert. State authority to enforce the law, the unspoken rules rely on underground consensus. Unspoken rules are in conflict with the law and endanger the implementation of the law. In the unspoken rule prevails, the constitution will become a dead letter, legal and public norms will lose all effectiveness, rule of law become hypocritical political commitment. He Weifang: Let the rules clearly and explicitly Actually, I would have wanted to do a Mr. Wu Si dialogue. Just moderator speaking, we are a legal scholar