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Created 2014-02-14
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Title Nike Air Max Bw when you are at home rage
Description laugh, the brain child corresponding brain areas are activated, Iraq will laugh, - this is the role of mirror neurons. When you spit tongue, children will some parts of the brain are activated, he will also tongue. This is another wonderful performance of mirror neurons. - Of course, the child may also delay of 1 - 2 days tongue lovely child ah! The problem is, when you are at home rage, children mirror neurons in the brain corresponding to "brush -!" And once it is activated, Iraq began to imitate the way you deal with emotions, imitate your behavior and performance. The next one something, he probably would thunder masterpiece! When you are at home again angry, complaining, ironically, curse, ...... good! His brain's mirror neurons will be activated again, Iraq will continue to imitate you, imitate you, just to "evil" fully skilled, hard to change. --- Next time there's anything in Iraq also reflective of "Thunder Miles!." When you can not control beaten child, the next time he might one fist in the past. Your rude behavior again activated the brain child corresponding brain areas, only that he fully internalized your behavior. You could say that again and again with the kids, do not learn these, those who do not learn these wrong, but his brain mirror neurons "shabu!" And it would automatically be activated. His bad behavior has become more and more skilled up. Until hard to change